TWBC ministry wives is for women whose husbands work in ministry. Whether that be in a church setting, as a chaplain, or a youth worker. Our aim is to together to equip and encourage ministry wives to help you support your husbands and families. We provide a safe place to chat and to pray about our lives and how God is working in each of our situations, as well as enjoy some lovely food, drink and fellowship.
Our first ministry wives event is happening
Monday 9th May 7:00pm-9:00pm. 
Come and spend a cosy evening with friends. Join us for prayer, food and friendship as we support and are supported in our lives in Christ and his ministries.

For more information about our 2016 events, please watch this space. Or, if you would like to offer your home for one of our events, please contact George (see below).
This group is for your support. If you have need and would like to talk to someone outside of your situation, in confidence, please contact us. Also, if you would like prayer, please contact us.

For more information please, contact George Humphrey at [email protected]